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Continuous Seawater Cleaning System

Continuous Seawater Cleaning System

CSWCS (Continuous Seawater Cleaning System) is unique system that can let microalgae use directly
purified seawater.

For photos, capacities and brochure please click here

CSWCS can clean sea water from all unwanted microalgal and bacterial contaminations quickly and easily without any damage and detract to composition of natural seawater.

In microalgae industry, the biggest production cost is chemicals that using in microalgae growth media. Especially, nitrogen sources are very expensive. Also, at present years, organic farming is getting more demand. When microalgae farmers use chemical sources, they cannot sell their products as organic microalgae. In the microalgae market, organic microalgae find buyers with higher rates and prices. If microalgae farmers can use directly seawater, they don’t need to use chemicals as medium components.

For example, for 1kg dried spirulina, a farmer should spend 7-28USD as chemical costs. But, with CSWCS this cost will be 20-40 Cents (only electricity cost).

Until now, seawater purification systems were very expensive and had very high production costs. However, CSWCS uses microwave technology that uses low energy consumption and speed cleaning and purification.

System Parts:
1- Vacuum pump: Sends seawater to the system.
2- Particular Filter: Filter all grains that come from natural seawater.
3- Microwave sterilization: Sterilize all bacterial and microalgal contaminations.
4- Bacterial dregs filter: Cleans bacterial and microalgal cell dregs.
5- UV sterilization: Last sterilization.
6- Microcomputer: Detects all inputs that comes from sensors and manage the system for administrator’s needs.
7- Sensor Kit: For salinity, temperature, pressure, speed control.
8- Extra input: External gas and component (organic or inorganic) input.


For photos, capacities and brochure please click here

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