Nanotechnological Oil (Lubricants and Mineral Oil) Cleaning and Recovery (Refreshing) Additive


Nanotechnological Oil Recovery & Cleaning Additive that we discovered after years of researches is ready to launch.

- Very easy application.
- For 1 ton polluted oil, (according to polluting amount) 500-2000ml additive is sufficient for cleaning and recovering.
- Not requires high temperature heating for cleaning. 40-90 C degree heating is sufficient for application.
- In minutes, it can separate pollutants from oil.
- Not change oil chemistry.
- Improves lubrication and viscosity.

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100 Liters
(Minimum Order)

2700 USD (27 USD/Lt)

200 Liters

4800 (24 USD/Lt)

500 Liters

10500 (21 USD/Lt)

1000 Liters

15000 (15 USD/Lt